Our services and expertise all have one focus— keeping you rolling. We understand that downtime is lost money and we are dedicated to providing the most complete selection of cooling system components and the most thorough DPF cleaning available anywhere in the region, all with a turnaround that have you back in business in no time!

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What We Do

Chatham Radiator Keeps You Rolling!

We provide critically important services to the transportation and heavy equipment industries from our Savannah, GA headquarters. Cooling system failures and routine maintenance on DPF and DOC components are among the most common reason why your equipment is out of commission. You can’t afford to wait when dollars are left on the table. We’ll get you back up and running through a combination of excellent service, deep knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment so you can start earning again.

Radiators & Accessories

We work with the biggest suppliers globally to ensure that we have access to a virtually unlimited catalog of radiators, hoses, clamps and more. Plus, we have the ability to shop prices to keep your bottom line where it belongs.


As the ONLY EcoClean Service Partner location anywhere in the Southeastern United States, we can offer the most technologically advanced and economical methods for PROPER cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filters and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst system anywhere in the region!

Customer Support

More than just a radiator parts supplier and DPF service center, we pride ourselves in our customer relationships. We look forward to handle your entire fleet, whether you are an individual Owner/Operator or you are a huge regional logistics hub. It all starts with trust.

Who We Are

The region’s oldest and most experienced

As a third-generation family business, we understand that reputation isn’t just important— IT IS EVERYTHING. Our legacy of quality service, expansive selection and technical innovation are what set us apart from the rest. We simply refuse to tarnish our brand by cutting corners, cheaping out or compromising.

Although our roots are in radiator service and cooling system components, we have invested enormous resources in equipment and training in order to service diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalyst to help you avoid downtime and costly replacement parts. Let us show you why we’re better!

Radiators &
Other Cooling Parts

The Core of Our Business

Whether you need a radiator for your freight truck, forklift or farm tractor, we’ve got the sources and prices to get you back to work. Don’t wait! Chatham Radiator is standing by with the inventory, the prices and ther service to get you back on the job!
Call us today at 912-233-3515

Heavy Equipment Radiators

Farm & Factory Fixes

Your farm or factory cannot function without the heavy equipment that cultivates the acreage or moves your inventory around. One tractor or forklift goes down and you’re suddenly behind schedule and racing to get ahead of the game. We have the resources to supply the radiator replacement you need on time and at a reasonable price. Give us a call today at 912 233 3515 to discuss your specific needs.

Big Truck Radiators

Keeping You Cool For the Long Haul

Whether you’re a long-haul driver, local intermodal operator or run a jockey truck at the port, we understand that you cannot afford down time. Freight companies rely on you to pick up, transport and deliver on time, every time. When your equipment goes down, you lose your window and possibly the load itself. You can rely on us to get you back on the road by calling 912 233 3515 to fill us in on your challenges.

The Details Matter

Don’t Neglect The Little Bits

The radiator itself is only part of the equation. You may also need other cooling parts to get your system back in the game. We understand heavy equipment cooling systems and we have the connections to help you get what you need, all in a short window and at the right price. Give us a call at 912 233 3515 to walk us through what you need and we’ll get right on it!

DPF & DOC Cleaning

How We Are Different

Until recently, if you wanted to get a DPF “cleaned” and installed back in a vehicle the same day, you had to sacrifice quality of cleaning. If you wanted the filter to operate within OE specs, it was a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time. Depending on the degree to which your DPF is clogged we may be able to turn it around in as little as two hours! We also have a complete line of gaskets and clamps to complete the job.
Not with Chatham Radiator’s DPF cleaning service!


Ignoring your DPF will result in unexpected replacement costs…

Not only for your DPF/DOC but parts upstream as well. Your DPF serves as a garbage can for your exhaust system. The ash captured within the filter must physically be removed, which requires it to be taken off the truck and properly cleaned. Without doing this on a regular basis, you are gambling with mechanical failure and lost revenues.


My Truck Will Notify Me When It’s Time

Waiting until the dashboard light illuminates to clean your DPF/DOC is a strategy that has consequences. Sitting on the roadside waiting for a tow is a common outcome that increases unit downtime, but the issues go far past that. Once contamination hits 50% or more you begin to lose fuel efficiency and by the time your service light comes on, fuel efficiency drops by 10% or more!


Get Ahead of the Problem!

Scheduled maintenance for your DPF/DOC is the best way to ensure your truck is operating at the lowest cost per mile. Not only is your truck operating at the OE supplier spec, but you are addressing unnecessary part failures for less time than it takes to perform a PM.

  • Less Downtime
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Reduced System Wear
  • Improved Emissions Quality

Other Technologies Simply Can’t Compete!

Poor DPF/DOC maintenance will lead to loss of fuel economy, lower engine performance, and ultimately costly repairs. To maximize the performance, proper DPF cleaning must be part of your preventative maintenance program. It’s also important to realize that not all cleaning methods are equal and taking short cuts will result in shorter cleaning intervals and performance issues.

Video Library

Watch How We Work!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! If you want to understand our process and why it is far superior to the competition, sit back and watch a few videos we have assembled to walk you through it.

Our 9-Step Process

Other Technologies Simply can’t Compete!

Until recently, if you wanted to get a DPF “cleaned” and installed back in a vehicle the same day you had to sacrifice quality of cleaning. And if you wanted the filter to be cleaned and operate within OE specs it was a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time.
Well, that was the case until now!

Aqueous DPF Cleaning Equipment by EcoClean revolutionizes the timetable to properly maintain filters. Our system allows you to properly clean and dry a contaminated DPF in two-hours or less*. Our treated water & surfactant stream maneuver around the complicated cell structure of a DPF, removing and recovering debris found inside the filter. Our non-destructive cleaning process helps prolong the life of the filter while restoring it to OEM operating specs.

*Two-hour turn-around on DPF cleaning is possible depending on the physical condition of the filter and if the cleaning is part of “preventive maintenance” on the filter versus a filter that is completely clogged

Inspect & Document

During this first stage we carefully examine your DPF, checking for damage and defects. We also check its contamination level and we document our findings.

Soak, Clean & Rinse

This 5-step stage is where we pre-soak, flush and final soak to loosen debris and ash. Then we deep clean in our in our proprietary machines before a final rinse.


Using our proprietary EcoClean drying cabinet, we vaporize and remove all remaining moisture introduced in the cleaning stages.

Final Inspection & Prep

During these final two steps we carefully re-evaluate your DPF to ensure that it has been returned to its OE performance specs prior to prepping it for return to the customer.

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